We provide innovative and tailored lighting solutions with LED technology, based on quality, innovation and design.

Customized solutions

We advise our clients to offer personalized solutions that promote energy savings and efficiency through LED technology


Safety and regulation in the use of UV lighting against COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought a new focus of attention to a relatively unused tool in many industries: UV energy.


Foneria metro station

The Foneria metro station, Barcelona shines purity and beauty thanks tothe Geminy design, a revolutionary lighting system based on Led technology



Geminy System

Innovative curved design system ideal for decorating spaces and lighting environments with a revolutionary touch

Linear Systems

Indoor lighting

Outdoor lighting


Light emerges from the Johan Cruyff stadium

LUXES has participated in its construction with the interior lighting by installing LED profiles and LED lamps, with the aim of improving the comfort of the players with optimal visibility for the rest stages, in addition to energy saving by turning the lighting of their facilities more sustainable.

Years of experience


Reducing CO2 emissions

usage hours


Energy saving

Basics of lighting

The visible spectrum is the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye is capable of perceiving. Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light or simply light.

Led technology

An LED is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electrical current passes through it. Light is produced when current-carrying particles combine with each other within the semiconductor material.

Choose Luxes products

Choose Luxes products if you want high quality and higher performance since they comply with strict quality controls and certifications, guaranteeing the highest quality of our products.


European regulation on lighting in transport areas

In access areas such as the main entrance, the regulations require a minimum level of 150 lux measured at ground level and the lighting will be at least 40 lux higher than the surrounding lighting levels, and with a neutral-cold color temperature to avoid leaving dark or shady spaces.


Bird wagons replace conventional lighting with LED lamps

The AVE adds to the energy savings by making the lighting of its wagons more sustainable. LUXES has replaced the conventional lighting of the wagons with LED lighting, specifically the MR16 lamps. These have been manufactured to fit perfectly into the existing lighting installation.



“Magnificent luminaire with a narrow design and without edges of high flavor gives a more elegant and pleasant ceiling, formed by a body of injected aluminum paint, electrostatic powder and polycarbonate diffuser. It contains a high-performance chip that provides an effect of exceptional color reproduction, it is also capable of adjusting the axis by 30º. Its lightweight aluminum body allows for a cooling system. “

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