Lighting in food: attractive and cozy

There are numerous studies that show that the attractiveness of a commercial space is not only measured by the quality of its products. In addition to elements such as the arrangement of the shelves and the presence or absence of a musical thread, lighting is a determining factor when it comes to attracting customers.

The appearance of fresh products is always associated with their taste and freshness and in most cases it is the view that decides when making a purchase decision. In all foods it is important to have good lighting, but it should be noted in the sections of fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, etc.

LED lighting products for food

Our Luxes products

LED luminaires are easy to assemble and are ready to be used immediately. State-of-the-art technology guarantees low energy consumption and low thermal load. An extremely long service life, low maintenance costs and excellent color reproduction make them a very attractive solution for illuminating countertop areas.


Vega 65/45


Nubia 42/52


Telescope 53/63



The wide range of luminaires opens a completely new spectrum of lighting solutions for food lighting. Regardless of whether good color rendering, uniform light distribution or attractive effects are required, traditional luminaires are the best solution for product scenarios and general or accent lighting applications.


Alpha Track


Betta Track


Delta Track


Thanks to its excellent performance, the LED Strips perfectly meet the requirements of professional lighting in the countertop areas. The high efficiency, long service life and proven quality add to the low operating expenses.


Ashen IP67


Ashen IP68


With our LUXES PRODUCTS, exclusive for lighting in the food sector, you will achieve great savings  and an excellent presentation of the product

The bright light in the food generates a welcoming point of attraction. Special offers and important information for customers should draw the attention of customers from a distance. All the necessary information can be clearly highlighted using the appropriate lighting.

The light tones used to present fresh produce cause emotional impulses. Therefore perfect color reproduction is essential. IR and UV reduced lighting also protects food and packaging material.

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