Our LED lighting systems have multiple uses and applications

The world of LED lighting advances very fast. Therefore, we use our experience in the sector to offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

LED lighting, due to its characteristics such as energy saving and the fact that its light is even more tonality than conventional lighting, can be used in different sectors, whether industrial or domestic, such as:


The bright light in the food generates a cozy attraction point. The shades of light used to present fresh products provoke emotional impulses.


They cover a wide range of needs, depending on the great diversity of sectors, activities, and products or services that they market


The proper distribution of light and color avoids glare and signs of fatigue in employees. It also reduces the risk of accidents

Sports facilities

In the lighting of sports facilities should ensure that there is good visibility for athletes, referees and spectators.


They generate a perfect atmosphere and fascinating effects. These ensure that customers feel comfortable and support interior design concepts.


The possibilities offered by LED lighting with its design facilitate a multitude of uses: home, commerce, industry, office, hotels, retail, food, restaurants, leisure spaces, teaching centers, signage and any project you want, since in Luxes we are specialized in adapting the product to each lighting need.

In addition to all the most common LED products, custom-made jobs are also carried out, such as LED strips, which can be cut and wired according to your needs or mounted on aluminum profiles.

Our handling services allow to reduce costs and installation times, benefiting in addition to our extensive experience and advice.

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