On these important dates we like to enjoy and transmit our Christmas spirit by decorating our houses, gardens, parks and urban areas, transmitting emotions through lighting. But we want to do it in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

We do not want this tradition to lose importance that is why LUXES dedicates this post so that both houses and urban areas transmit the message of peace and loveeach year, without having to think about economic waste and environmental pollution.

The protagonists are the led bulbs that increasingly shine on thestreets of the worldat Christmas time,towns and cities have already changed your old incandescent bulbs for small LED bulbs. The municipalities are committed to LED lighting, reducing spending and consumption, assuming a saving of 85%.

In Madrid, practically all the lighting is made up of LEDs, and thanks to this the budget has even decreased by 16% compared to last year. The ornaments also consume almost 30% lessthan in 2012 and in this way they reduce the negative environmental impact, since they do not contribute to global warming, and they last much longer than conventional lighting.

And it is that LED bulbs do not use wire, gas, filaments or halogens inside. They only have one chip that makes them more efficient than the rest of the luminaires.


Create authentic Christmas designs! Without spending electricity and being more responsible with the planet.


Christmas lights for shopping centers, urban areas, streets and gardens



If you enjoy decorating your home, you should know that indoors LED bulbs offer a wide variety of colors for your fir tree and Christmas balls and for the exterior, since we like to highlight some points of our garden, trees, fountains or architectural features, giving them versatility in colors and effects, while consuming the minimum, they do not generate heat, therefore take more responsibility for the environment

Using led bulbs provides definitive savings. The first step to take into account is to turn on the lighting only at the most important timesof the day and not let it keep it active during all hours, especially when there is no one in the house.

Lighting devices should be reused for this Christmas purpose or use the imagination to create your own lighting with household items and recycled materials. Finally, these bulbs must be recycled if the clean points or lighting stores are blown.

For gardens use outdoor lanterns and beacons that are powered by sunlight. During the day, they absorb energy and at night they illuminate themselves.