Sunday is the International Day of Light and from Luxes we want to celebrate it.


The International Day of Light?

Light include most sectors of the world today such as feeding, astronomy, medicine, communications, industry, restaurants, education, etc. The International Day of Light is celebrated with the aim of increasing and promoting awareness about the importance of light and light technologies in all these fields.

In the IDL (International Day of Light) conceives light as an art, part of culture and an essential factor in science.


Origin of the International Day of Light

It was decreed by UNESCO during a General Conference. The date to celebrate this day was established on May 16.

In 2015, celebrations were held for the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, from which the ideas for this day emerged.

May 16 also marks the day a laser was first put into operation by physicist Theodore Maiman in 1960.


Objectives of the IDL

Some of the main goals of celebrating this day are:

  • Improve society’s knowledge about the importance of light and light-based technologies. Applied in the daily life of all and in the future development of the global society.
  • Raise awareness that technology and design can play an important role in the process of achieving greater energy efficiency.
  • Improve the quality of life in the developed world by promoting the importance of lighting technology and the need for access to light infrastructure.
  • Highlight and explain the link between light and art and culture.
  • Develop educational capacity through science-directed activities for young people.


Video for the International Day of Light

The Steering Committee of the International Day of Light has created a new video explaining the importance of light technologies in our lives. Another reason for creating this video is to publicize the TRUST SCIENCE campaign

Click on the link to watch the video and be part of this movement: LIGHT DAY – TRUST SCIENCE


Can I contribute to the IDL?

Everyone can contribute their bit on this day. Start by taking care of and rationing the use of light, in this way you will make it possible for many more people to have access to it.

Social networks are one of the most powerful means of communication that exist today; Use them! Take advantage of your social networks to make your closest circle aware of the importance of advances and contributions of light for development in all fields and facets of human life.


Use the hashtags #DíaInternacionaldelaLuz, #DiadelaLuz #LightDay2021 #DIL and stay informed!