Choose Luxes products

Choose Luxes products if you want a high quality and efficiency as they comply with strict quality controls and certifications guaranteeing the highest quality of our products.

Reduce energy costs

  • Reduced energy costs, up to 90% compared to traditional lighting
  • Elimination of maintenance and replacement costs of lamps due to their long life (50,000 hours.)
  • Wide range of colors and temperatures

Respectful with the environment

  • Contains no mercury or other dangerous materials, according to RoHS regulations of the European Community.
  • Up to 80% less CO2 emissions.
  • No cost of waste treatment.

Quality Products

LUXES luminaires and lamps comply with strict quality controls and CE, AENOR and IQNet certifications, guaranteeing the highest quality of their products.

Permanent technical advice

Our engineering department wil advise you at all times, and maintain a close cooperation before, during and after the execution of all projects.

Wide range of products

Our extensive catalog offers solutions for any application and need, whether in residential lighting, hotels, retail, supermarkets, shopping malls, road and urban, industries, warehouses, sports facilities, offices, food lightings, horticulture, petrochemicals, cclean rooms, gas stations, etc.