Christmas and festive lighting

Christmas arrives and with it the streets full of lights and decoration that announce the arrival of these magical dates for many. Lighting projects are one of the main claims that are not exempt from lighting regulations.

The regulation of festive and Christmas lighting is established by Royal Decree 1890/2008, of November 14, which approves the Regulation of energy efficiency in outdoor lighting installations and its complementary technical instructions EA-01 to EA-07.


Lighting levels

The maximum installed power per unit area (W/m2),is a function of the width of the street and the number of operating hours per year.

The installed power cannot exceed the values set out in the table below.

Width of the street between facadesMaximum Installed Power per unit area W/m2
Number of hours per year of operation greater than 200 hoursNumber of hours per year of operation between 100 and 200 hours
Up to 10m1015
Between 10m and 20m812
More than 20m69


For lighting whose operating duration is less than 100 hours per year, no installed power limit is established.



Check the regulations on energy efficiency in outdoor lighting here.