Cleanroom lighting

In many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, chemical, etc. It is necessary to have clean rooms or white rooms, to ensure low levels of contamination. These rooms must meet very strict environmental parameters in terms of: particles in the air, temperature, humidity, flow and pressure of the indoor air, lighting, etc.

LED lighting reduces energy consumption and improves work quality


In clean rooms the passage of materials and products is mediated by SAS equipment passes materials. These are passage chambers designed to allow, safely, the entry and exit of products, between rooms and inside the different classified areas

Sustainable energy, reduction of consumption, improvement of well-being thanks to the LED lighting integrated by luxes


In the cleanroom area, laminar flow enclosures are the fundamental element for the effective evacuation of airborne contaminants. In a chamber or laminar flow enclosure, a fan is used to force the passage of air through special filters and it circulates in the same volume and direction, providing clean air to the work area free of particles of up to 0.1 microns.

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