It is part of a project carried out in several European countries in order to demonstrate that the majority of European workers are in an unsatisfactory work environment due to lighting.

At the beginning of this year Repro-light realized one in account to workers of Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria. With the aim of assessing the lighting conditions of their jobs.


For the most curious here I leave the link of the full report: 😜


More than half of the workers, including men, women and workers over the age of 50, expressed their dissatisfaction with the lighting of their jobs.

The survey also aims to find out how many of these workers give importance to the design and style of the lighting, because 50% under 30 years considered that the physical aesthetics of the luminaires is important for them.

The Repro-light project finally concludes that more than 90% of respondents said that lighting can affect their emotions, 87% that affects their performance and 92% that affects their alertness.


As in EN 12464-1, it ensures that a certain level of illumination is achieved at the height of the work station.


una buena iluminación mejora, la productividad, la eficiencia, el autoestima, el ambiente de trabajo(source: Sergio Campos – Sylvania)


These are data that show how the impact of lighting affects the workforce in European countries. For what are claimed changes in the work spaces, both in industrial spaces and offices, and as shown by the results of these surveys and there is a predisposition and adaptability by all workers to face the changes that may be required to replace the lighting, it is more among their requests is the design of the luminaires, the automation and the adjustment capacity to meet their needs in this way it promotes productivity and general welfare, causing a greater performance and benefit for both workers as for the company.

The Repro-light project, as part of the Horizon 2020 work program of the European Commission, will now move on to the next phases of research and design to develop a “Luminaria del futuro” that will strive to meet all the needs of users. And LUXES as a designer and distributor of luminaries is committed to change and claims change.



trabajadores europeos reivindican el cambio y las condiciones de los espacios de trabajo

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