Lighthing for feed industry

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There are numerous studies that show that the attractiveness of a commercial space is not only measured by the quality of its products. In addition to elements such as the layout of the racks and the presence or absence of a musical thread, lighting is a determining factor in recruiting customers.

It is always associated with the appearance of fresh products because of their taste and freshness, most of the time it is seen that decides when to make a purchasing decision. In all foods it is important to have good lighting, pear stands out in the sections of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, etc.


Butcher’s lighthing

How can we light a butcher’s shop?
The keys to successful lighting.

The most common case is to focus efforts on lighting the showcases and exhibitors that display meat products, in this case Luxes recommends the profile strips from the Ashen range. Specially designed for this purpose, they emit a type of light that highlights the natural colors of the meat and achieves a greater visual appeal. Like all good LED products, they are efficient lamps, save energy and have a very long service life. In addition, they do not generate heat, which reduces the cost of air conditioning, and, compared to what happens with many traditional lamps, they do not emit radiation that can be harmful to food and cause it to lose its freshness sooner.


Bakery’s lighthing

How to light a bakery?
Use different lighting in each space to illuminate your bakery.

Insistence on warm tones is essential for every bakery. Bread, dough, and puff pastry are products that, although freshly made, can lose much of their appeal if they are subjected to inadequate lighting that makes them pale. Specifically adapted for these situations, in LUXES we recommend the gamma of tracks and projectors. In addition to having all the advantages associated with LEDs, they emit a yellow light that, placed on the displays, reinforces the color of the products and contributes to creating a warm atmosphere.


Greengrocer lighthing

How to light a Greengrocer?
Brighten Fruits and vegetables. Fresh products

When it comes to pieces as perishable as vegetables and fruit, the heat and radiation emitted by traditional lighting usually translate into accelerated deterioration of the product, which takes away much of its appeal and can lead to much more waste in the end. of the day. Nubia lamp vase among others is ideal for these types of cases, not only helping to keep products fresh, reducing replacement costs, but, with their white light, highlighting and bringing them a more gloomy and healthy look.


Fish shop lighthing

How to light a fish shop?
Differentiate the lighting for fishmongers according to the type of fish you offer.

For these areas the 6500K color temperature lanes can be used, with which natural and bright tones are achieved that enhance the fish’s coolness. In addition, as with common LED tubes, by issuing little heat and no radiation, fish are kept fresh for longer, depreciations are avoided and savings are made both by buying new products and by the electric bill.


Lighitng products LED for feeding

Our Luxes products


The LED luminairesare easy to mount and ready to use immediately. State-of-the-art technology guarantees low energy consumption and low thermal load. An extremely long service life, low maintenance costs and excellent color rendering make them a very attractive solution for lighting countertop areas.



Nubia T 430


Nubia T 530/540





Tracks and projectors

The wide range of lluminaries opens up a completely new spectrum of illumination solutions for food and lighting Regardless of whether good color rendering, even light distribution or attractive effects are required, traditional luminaires are the best solution for product scenarios and general or accent lighting applications.



Tube Track


Flat Track


Delta Track

Led strips and profiles

Thanks to their excellent performance, LED strips perfectly meet professional lighting requirements in the display areas. High efficiency, long service life and proven quality add to low operating costs.



Ashen IP67


Ashen IP68


Outward 2525

With our Luxes products, they are exclusive to the lighting and lighting of the food sector, it will achieve great savings and an excellent presentation of the product.

The bright light on the feed creates a cozy eye-catcher. Special offers and important information for customers should catch the attention of customers from a distance. All the necessary information can be clearly highlighted using the appropriate lighting.

The shades of light used to present fresh produce provoke emotional impulses. Therefore a perfect color rendering is essential. Reduced IR and UV illumination also protects food and packaging material.

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