Lighting for the hotels and catering sector

The best hotels in the world need the right light

The goal of lighting for hotels and restaurants is to create a unique experience for each guest not only helps us to recommend us but also to return. But we must abide by sustainable solutions, so that the cost does not mean a loss. With LUXES LED lighting, we focus on providing personalized lighting for each of the spaces, rooms, orientation signage or exhibitors to be in tune with the values and philosophy of the brand.



Reception or Hall: It is known as the access area to the hotel, and it is the first impression that one receives from the hotel, so the lighting in this space takes too much importance.

Restaurant and cafeteria: A very frequented and constantly active area, in this case choosing a lighting that facilitates the activities of the workers and provides comfort to the guests but also that is capable of reducing the energy cost.

The rooms: These are spaces, where the guest mainly seeks rest, privacy and seclusion, that is why the lighting and the design of the luminaires that match the style and furniture of the hotel, together should favor that environment.

Waiting rooms: These are areas of more occasional use, but which require high-quality lighting elements to achieve an adequate image of work and recreation, with the use of different shades of white light.

Parking: it is an area that is illuminated 24 hours a day, therefore it will be important to choose lighting that in addition to facilitating vision reduces the energy cost and maintenance of the luminaires.

Outdoor: whether they are facades, roads, traffic areas, footpaths, lighting in these areas is especially sensitive, since it has a dual function: decorative and signaling.



Kitchen: It is the essential work area, cold tones promote safety and comfort where the luminaires must be located in specific areas since each area has a specific activity, so the points of light will be centered according to the activity.

Bar: It is the busiest area where the waiters are, so they need direct and punctual lighting. A good way to achieve this is thanks to the suspended and decorative lamps.

Dining room:Correct lighting will help diners feel more comfortable, but this must be carefully studied to avoid distortions, for example, with the color of the food.

Corridors: In this case we will choose a colder light tone, this helps us guide the diners to their corresponding table.


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