“The European Commission approves a new eco-design regulation on the energy labelling of lighting. Acording Anfalum And Lighting Europehave worked together to develop two new regulations providing recommendations for the lighting industry”.

On 5 December last year the European Commission published Regulation (EU) 2019/2020on the energy labelling of lighting equipment, which is to be implemented in all EU Member States from September 2021.

The European association Lighting Europe, has prepared an Application Guide to guide companies on the requirements they will have to comply with this new regulation.

Anfalum and Lighting Europe have worked in coordination with the European authorities in the development of the two new regulations. The guidelines outlined are based on experience from across the industry, outlining recommendations on how the standards should be understood.

“Lighting Europe’s Implementation Guidelines on the new eco-design and energy labelling rules are our contribution to ensuring that all companies can understand and apply these new, complex rules, and that all authorities can enforce them,” said Ourania Georgoutsakou, Secretary General of Lighting Europe.

Regulations (EU) 2019/2020



The two regulations introduce a number of changes for lighting manufacturers and final purchasers of luminaire products. The novelty, in the Energy Labeling Regulation (SLR) the scope of application has been extended to all lighting sources that are produced within the European Union, therefore the energy label of the lamps has been readjusted, until now we knew it as the well-known energy labeling scale A-G. This one has been deleted.

The Regulation clarifies the new requirements to be met for the registration of light sources in theEPREL database, the European Union’s energy labelling database, from May 2021. The eco-design regulation for lighting equipment, also known as the Single Lighting Regulation, is dedicated to energy efficiency.

The future forecastwith this regulation is that T8 linear fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps with integrated control equipment will be banned in the coming years. Most of the remaining halogen lamps are still authorised within the European Union.

Circular Economy for eco-design standards, such as the possibility of dismantling and replacing the luminaires and electrical control gear contained in the products.

The European association has participated in the drafting and discussion of these laws over the past five years, bringing the technical expertise of our industry and the reality of the marketplace.


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