Lighting in the industrial sector

Reliability and performance improvement

Maximum productivity is the top priority in the industrial sector. Lighting makes an important contribution. Proper distribution of light and color prevents glare and signs of employee fatigue. It also reduces the risk of accidents, makes visual tasks easier and improves manufacturing efficiency. Products with a high type of protection also increase this effect. Easy-to-maintain light sources reduce production interruptions and ensure trouble-free operation.

Luxes intelligent lighting solutions meet the demanding lighting requirements of production rooms in an optimal way. The fantastic distribution of light and colour, as well as the high quality of the materials and the high type of protection, reliably support all production processes.


LED lighting products for industrial warehouses and warehouses

Our Luxes products

Industrial LED lighting is a very extensive field, with very high quality products, specially designed for the lighting of industrial areas, warehouses, workshops, work areas and large spaces. We have LED lamps and industrial luminaires, high power and with great energy conversion, a long service life.







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With our LUXES products specialized in the industrial sector, exclusive for lighting in industrial buildings, you will improve manufacturing efficiency

The broad portfolio of lighting systems LUXES offers optimal lighting for almost any industrial building: for this purpose and thanks to energy-efficient LED technology, LED luminaires for wet rooms reduce service costs and, due to their particularly long service life, allow for shorter maintenance work.

In industrial LED lighting you will find the best solutions in high-power LED luminaires specialized in the industrial sector. We have LED hoods for industrial warehouse and industrial LED lamps, watertight screens for mechanical or linear LED workshops for logistics warehouses and lighting for public lighting.

We cannot forget that industrial LED lighting is a type of product especially recommended for installation in warehouses and industrial premises, factories, warehouses, workshops, industrial kitchens, farms, car parks, airports, gas stations, supermarkets and shopping centers, sports areas, public roads,…


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