• LEDs allow constant switching on and off, as well as regulation of power and light flux, without the lamps suffering as occurs with fluorescent lamps, or switching on takes several minutes, as with discharge lamps. This allows LEDs to be regulated based on presence, natural light or even traffic, which considerably increases energy and economic savings.


  • The useful life of LED lamps is considerably longer than that of traditional technologies (incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent). Today we can talk about 40,000 hours of operation.


At Ionfilter, it has improved work rooms, meeting rooms, design, production and marketing of water treatment equipment (water softeners, reverse osmosis, water fountains, kitchen taps, etc.) for homes, businesses and companies with a revolutionary led technology.

Luxes, be part of this improvement project integrating ALOF 5035 and Vertix lamps, lighting systems and designs that adapt perfectly to each space, reinforce the overall image of the company, that are optimal and efficient in terms of issues related to work and production to be carried out in each office space.

The reflector and the body of the luminaire have been designed in such a way as to maximize their performance and take advantage of the highestproportion of light flux, without forgetting visual comfort and avoiding annoying glare. In this way, Luxes has considered distributing the luminaires as follows; ALOF 5035 han sido integradas en la mayoría de Ionfilter spaces and Vertix luminaire has been installed andn the corridors of the surface, since the lighting in corridors is essential since they are usually spaces with little natural light; the lack of windows and the lack of clarity that can enter through the doors of the different rooms are usually the only sources of light that enter from the outside, so it is a priority to provide artificial light to achieve pleasant environments.

The use of led strips on the upper part of the walls can be a good resource to mark the direction of your hallway. In addition, these led strips will make it look a bit wider, also creating a clear sense of security.

“Luxes integrates lighting systems to promote comfort and well-being of people, but rather the use of more efficient lighting systems.”


led luminaire strips, improve the environment, comfort and efficiency



Comfort and well-being thanks to luxurious LED lighting, rooms, corridors, LED strips or lampsSustainable energy, reduction of consumption, improvement of well-being thanks to the LED lighting integrated by luxes






When choosing these products from our range of luminaires, we have taken into account their color rendering, their useful life, their possibility of regulation and, above all, their energy efficiency.

The market wants a tailor-made light for very different areas of application. And the LUXES products makeit all possible thanks to their flexible luminaire modules, angle joints, sensor variants, track lights for projectors and glare-free elements with direct and indirect or totally direct light.