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  • Lighting in indoor sports facilities

The first aspect that we want to comment on from LUXES is the importance of respecting the standards and regulations on the lighting that is wanted.

Therefore, the UNE-EN 12193 standard specifies high levels of light intensity of up to 750 lux and the lighting must illuminate the playing area without causing the athletes to shine or reflect on the surrounding surfaces.

You also know that in many sports halls they are used for musical events, concerts etc. In this way the lighting must be adapted to meet these requirements.

From LUXES we offer lighting systems that respect the applicable standards, taking care of the facilities and improving the growth of their functions.


  • Outdoor sports facilities

We are talking about those stadiums that have large surfaces and that consequently require high-power luminaires. They fulfill various functions such as lighting distance and rotation. Luxes can provide systems that emit high levels of vertical and horizontal light intensity as well as optimal uniformity, it also has projectors capable of transmitting their light up to 130 meters. through the track or field and complying with the regulations regarding light intensity, uniformity, color rendering and limitation of glare.

Reflectors placed inside the luminaires guide the light downwards and prevent light pollution and unwanted light wastage, offering optimal HDTV picture quality.


Lighting that meets the demands of the game and facilities

Lighting on soccer fields, golf courses, winter sports, water sports


  • Lighting installations for ball sports

Luxe luminaires provide optimal quality of vision, giving players maximum performance and making it easy for spectators to follow the game without reflections or glare.

We are talking about a type of court in which the game is characterized by speed and requires good lighting so that the human eye is able to perceive all the details, for example, basketball, tennis, football, badminton, paddle tennis. …

The lighting must meet the demands of the viewer especially when whose view is usually directed upwards. Providing lighting in facilities with high ceilings while meeting all these special needs, challenging LUXES andits team of specialists.


  • Aquatic facilities

Luxes knows the extremely reflective environments that aquatic surfaces present, the lighting design for swimming pools must respond to demands such as offering a moderate, uniform, glare-free light for swimmers, as well as high levels of vertical illumination, fstreamlining the vision to the spectators and the jury.

Luxes takes into account that in this type of facilities there are usually large windows that facilitate glare, that is why We have indirect lighting using ceiling lighting that projects light at angles of incidence referring to the surface of the water and that provide an asymmetric distribution of light.


  • Circuit installations

Finally, car racing, cycling or athletics meet demands that vary greatly fromLong-throw asymmetrical spotlights to high-power rotating and symmetrical beam projectorsthat bring out every detail. LUXES offers projector systems that provide the ideal lighting conditionsnot only for those who compete on the track, but also for spectators.

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