Linear Systems

Innovative, elegant and functional

Innovative linear connection system of subtle and stylish design, a perfect combination of rails and LED accessories. Not only does it stand out for its features and the simple installation of its accessories, but it also achieves simple and clean appearance designs. The LED modules, plates and downlights designed for this range are perfectly adjusted to the point lighting of different spaces in the same area. It is the perfect solution to challenge the creativity of design professionals.

Versatile system for specific uses

Unique multi-track connection system designed to cover all your needs in the lighting of professional exhibitors and shop windows. It allows different points of light to move and adjust freely to achieve the ideal light distribution.

The “Plug & Play” system allows easy installation and maintenance, saving labour costs. With a simple and clean design, both the spots and the LED modules will give the whole lightness and elegance.

Versatile combination, perfect style

Applying the concept of tubular connection, the Liberty system offers the possibility of creating different styles and combinations in vertical, horizontal, mesh, etc..

Of irregular style, adaptable and didactic designs, it fulfills any type of requirements.

Modular continuous light system

Family of highly versatile recessed, surface and suspended luminaires. Allows the installation of T5 fluorescent, LED modules, three-phase rails and individual light points. Its wide variety of diffusers, opening angles and lengths is ideal for forming continuous lines of light in supermarkets, supermarkets, warehouses, meeting rooms, corridors, etc…

Modular continuous light system

Innovative range of linear and curved profiles that offers an endless number of possible combinations. This new family of profiles combines the beauty of simplicity with a continuous light effect that will add personality to the environments where they are used. This didactic range opens the doors of imagination to create luminaires that express, accentuate and play with shapes. Its new concept reinvents ambient lighting.

Its different sizes and diameters offer the freedom to create very diverse configurations with impressive results in design and lighting effects.

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