Shopping malls ilumination

Reduce costs and better comfort for customers

The shopping malls and big stores cover a wide range of needs, depending on the great diversity of sectors, activities, and products or services it sells. However, they have some points in common that cover several important needs, which are covered in a very advantageous way by LED technology compared to other different ones.

With LED we greatly reduce the heat produced by traditional lamps, which also contributes to energy savings via air conditioning.


Ilumination LED products for malls

Our Luxes products


Closet’s illumination


Waiting room illumination


Facade’s illumination
Business areas


Supermarket’s illumination


Entretainment zones illumination


lighting for parking in large areas

Our LUXES products, exclusives for malls lighthing, will get the right environment for business success

The lighting project for a shopping center originates from several factors: from the need to create scenarios and emotional journeys related to the sale, to compliance with current standards of reference in terms of safety and energy saving.

It is important, however, that the project is not only conditioned by the need for lighting or by regulations; the lighting, in fact, can be insufficient even if it is legally correct, and it is important to know that in a shopping center, inadequate lighting could not attract the permanence of potential customers and, as a result, cause reduced sales


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