On November 2, a conference was held with four companies on a study where the results of some of the industrial research projects such as Neurohàbitat, EVIDENCE and our LIQUID project were presented, all coordinated by CENFIM.


As we told you the other day in our Blog, the LIQUID project was created with the collaboration of the CENFIM cluster, Luxes participated with the AMUEBLA and AMIC associations. We created an industrial research project, with the aim of developing new software solutions to support the creative decision of changes in the interior design of collaborative work spaces.

The new workspaces are more liquid, they serve to work in a flexible way and they can be adapted according to the needs of each moment. This need that we are talking about is enhanced by the regulations that COVID brought, therefore, they are spaces with reconfigurable areas for each situation.

Project results

During the last year, these projects have explored the potential of using artificial intelligence and neuromarketing technologies to quantify the spontaneous interactions of users with different types of interior design products, as well as to introduce improvements in their presentation and design.

Joaquim Solana, CENFIM Cluster Manager, opened the session by contextualizing the scope of the day in the activity of the cluster’s Living Lab and the manager, Jaisiel Madrid, introduced the main lines of work in the cluster related to co-creation and analysis of spaces and interior design products.

Next, Maria Araya, Senior Researcher at Elisava Research, and Beatriz Flores, Director of Business Development at Goli Neuromarketing spoke. María delved into the methodological framework used to guide the work with product brands in recent months. On the other hand, Beatriz explained the neuromarketing technologies used to capture the interaction of people with the products presented.

In the last part of the session, the companies Duscholux, Bariperfil, Zennio and Luxes presented the specific products used in the showroom and then some of the results obtained by them were highlighted. Finally, we answer some questions about the impact of the technologies used and their influence on work processes.


At Luxes we are always in favor of promoting studies to constantly improve our products and thus be able to carry out innovations that favor technological development.