Light, sound and olfactory installation.
Llum Bcn Festival 2022

International Festival of Light Arts returns
to the streets of the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona, to celebrate its 11th edition. During the month of February the streets of the emblematic neighborhood become an urban laboratory with the aim of challenging our senses and marking future trends in the world of urban lighting, art and design. National and international artists use light, movement, virtual reality or virtual intelligence as a means to push the boundaries of perception.

The work Olorama by the artists Juankrha and Yolimonada, part of the idea of the cyclorama, a very popular show in the late nineteenth century. They were typologies that sought to surround the viewer with images that, with an illusionist effect, made him feel right in the middle of a historical event or a place of great beauty.

If cyclorama was an ode to the image-spectacle, an olorama is an ode to aromas, which are used as image builders in the mind. An immersive experience of aromas, light and sound that weaves a sensory landscape for all people regardless of age.

The olfactory experience is born from the aromas of the natural cycle of plants and their contexts:

  • Gestation aroma: wet earth, wood, planted seed.
  • Wild Aroma: field flower.
  • Aroma Plants and ripe fruits.
  • Home aroma: Dried plants that we use for cooking.

For Luxes it has been an honor to participate in such an innovative project. The projection of this work has been possible thanks to the Luxes luminaires of the Insitu and
ranges, which generate a memorable optical and sensory effect for the viewer.

Thank you very much for being part of this great experience!


Organized by:

Design and production:
Elementary Lab @lab_elemental
Juan Ramirez @juankrha
Bethlehem Sanchez @yolimonada
Cristina Romero @crisortegaromero
Juliana Sanchez @pim.mpi

Raffaele Ark @circlingtheories

Aroma design
Fourth @cuartosentido Direction