– Projector designed for the illumination of potentially dangerous areas. Manufactured with LED technology which gives a long life with very low maintenance and high efficiency.
– The unique design of its optics focuses the light where it is needed, providing better light efficiency, well above conventional HID luminaires.
– A special power supply allows it to be used in any nominal AC230V, 50 / 60Hz socket without any variation in light output.
– Low energy consumption, efficient light emission and instant start.
– Unique, simple and compact design, ideal for efficient heat dissipation (patented). With sealing gaskets to give the product an IP66 protection that makes it resistant to water, moisture and dust. Also against blows and corrosion, which extends the useful life of the product.
– Optics with exclusive design, which allow a wide range of light irradiation and high luminous intensity.
– Very simple assembly and with several options.