1 Color temperature according to the CCTs standard defined in the ANSI C78.377A color standard.
1 Color temperatures conform to nominal CCTs as defined in ANSI Chromaticy Standard C78.377A.
2 Tested under the conditions of standard UNE-EN 13032 / IES LM-79-08.
2 Lumen measurement complies with UNE-EN 13032 / IES LM-79-08 testing procedures.
3 Tested under the conditions of IES LM-80-08.
3 Lumen measurement complies with / IES LM-80-08 testing procedures.
5 Opal diffuser luminaire code “Add “O” in the last but one position. Prismatic type diffuser, add “P”.
4 Code of luminaires with DALI System add “D” at the end of the reference.