Most of the viruses and bacteria that cause indoor air pollution are tiny and mobile, making them extremely difficult to capture and filter.

With the use of optoelectronic polymer plasma coating technology associated with an exclusive NTDA Adhesion Diffuser, we upgrade the diffuser to a “medical grade cleaning zone”. Our air circulation system specially designed for this purpose,allows the efficient absorption of the flow of viruses and bacteria in the air of the “area to be treated” to guarantee the effectiveness of active decomposition.

Whether the lights are off or on, the indoor air continues to be purified, allowing you to always breathe healthy air.

LED panel with air purification technology.

Remote control (x1)
Air filter for inlet (x2)
Air filter for outlet (x6)
AAA batteries (x2)


• Medical areas: hospitals, clinics, postnatal care centers,
nurseries, rehabilitation centers, etc.
• School areas: kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools,
tutorial classrooms, etc.
• Sports: gyms, sports centers, etc.
• VIP spaces: VIP meeting rooms, management offices, VIP rooms in
The airports ….
• High standard spaces: food factories, products
pharmaceuticals, 3C semiconductor factories, farms …
• Confined areas: elevators.

Luminaire life

Product description
Product NameTersus
MaterialPC-V10 plastic frame
Scope Hospital, laboratory, sports facilities, restaurants, offices, residential
Light Flow (lm)2800lm
Color temperature5000K
Voltage90 ~ 264 VAC
Optimal operating conditions-20º ˜ 40ºc
Light flowL70 – B10
Luminaire life50,000h
Guarantee3 years




Fact sheet
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