Downlight with high power LED COB high brightness with dual reflector design. It provides a very efficient illumination of great comfort thanks to the design anti glare.

Recessed downlight with high power and high brightness LED technology with double reflectors design with
multiple lighting applications.

It incorporates a heat sink made of aluminum pressure that conducts the heat from the chip effectively,
providing efficient performance and a long service life.

It equips a specially designed reflector with a reflex technology to avoid a secondary reflex.
dazzle, achieving a precise distribution of light.

Axis design adjustment: 30° adjustable and 350° rotatable.
Unique light blocking design reduces light losses.

Tool-free installation and maintenance.
CRI > 82,90
Optional: Adjustable.
IEE: A++
L80 B10
50.000 H
Warranty: 5 years.