Bird wagons replace conventional lighting with LED lamps

The AVE adds to the energy savings by making the lighting of its wagons more sustainable. LUXES has replaced the conventional lighting of the wagons with LED lighting, specifically the MR16 lamps. These have been manufactured to fit perfectly into the existing lighting installation.

This new installation has been carried out in the interior infrastructures of the train carriages, this lighting has allowed to improve the functionality of the area improving the comfort of the passengers as well as the professionals who carry out their work in this type of transport.

Lamps that offer maximum quality emit an ambient light thatreduces the fatigue of the human eye so it is an advantage when we are traveling and we want to take advantage of that transucrso to relax or finish some task.

All in all, one of the best lights has been integrated to improve safety and visibility, reducing fatigue and stress.

Customer: Actren

Date: 02/05/2009

Product installed: MR16

Luxes has managed to improve the visibility inside the train carriages with an ambient and decorative light that favours the stay during long journeysIn addition, it has been possible to save more than 80% of the cost in electrical consumption in all the lighting, a saving in costs since the installation has not been modified.

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