A great way to illuminate different environments

Arzuaga Winery

The winery was founded in the early 90s by the Arzuaga Navarro family. It is located near the Duero river, next to the road that joins Soria and Valladolid, surrounded by its fauna and flora, where it is easy to see a deer or a wild boar grazing.

Upon arrival you can see its architecture composed of stone, solid and rustic highlighting its characteristic arches with towers on the sides and in the center a bell tower crowned by the wind vane. When we go into the complex we find elm wood that combines perfectly with the wine barrels where the most schists will be able to enjoy a good wine.

In this case Luxes has surprised by taking care of the lighting of the different spaces of the whole complex, playing with the environments, the decoration, the architecture, the shadows and the natural light.

the first scenario was illuminated using as a reference a display of flowers with a great variety of colours, positions and situations. LUXES illuminated these spaces so that the light would highlight the colours of the flowers and give the environments a natural feel, merging with the exteriors and landscapes that surround the complex, alluding to the fauna and flora.

A second scenario focused on the lighting of the wineries themselves where the shadows were used to highlight the wood and combine it with the barrels, creating a warmer atmosphere typical of the treatment and tasting of wine.

The third stage was dedicated tothe lighting of the exteriors, both of the facade and of theexterior gardens, where the lighting highlighted the most characteristic aspects of the architecture in a more rustic way. In the gardens, the vegetation and decoration are illuminated, merging with the nature that surrounds the whole complex, typical of a museum.

The Lightingin charge of LUXES, was carried out in the exteriors, gardens, structures and decoration, in the Inside, the structures, the visiting rooms, the restaurant, the corridors and of course the wine cellars have been illuminated, providing comfort and wellbeing to both the visitors and the operators who carry out their winemaking function. Always respecting the natural environment, fauna and flora

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