Baró e Hijos S.L integrates new LED technology

Baró e sons S.Lis a fruit distribution company with more than 50 years of experience that operates in national and international markets under the Marquesa brand. Based on the need for a substantial change in lighting, Baró e Hijos S.L. has been placed in the hands of LUXES, entrusting us with the project of restoring the lighting of its entire production plant, common spaces and offices.

In this lighting project we have used TRIADON luminaires for the entire production hall, achieving work spaces with excellent visibility. The existing lights in the changing rooms and offices have also been replaced by other specific ones for those rooms. In the dining room, equipped with a special rest area, PARALLAX screens have been installed, ideal in quieter areas and for specific uses.

In this project, LUXES has achieved a substantial lighting improvementin each area, providing them with greater visibility and reducing stress and visual fatigue of the people who work in them. In addition to the lighting aspect, great energy savings have been achieved compared to the old existing lamps and luminaires.

The company Baró e Sons S.L aims to promote modern agriculture based on sustainability to offer the consumer products of the highest quality and with incomparable flavor.
Specialized in the cultivation of apricot, peach, Paraguayan peach, nectarine, pear and persimmon. At present, Baro e Hijos has more than 500 hectares of its own stone and pip fruit, in which the high percentage of young plantations and new varieties stands out, located in different areas of the Segria region.

Client: Baró e Hijos

Date: 20/05/2018

Installed product: TRIADONAND PARALLAX

The existing lights have been replaced by new led lights inside the changing rooms and offices with more specific ones. In the dining room, where there is a rest area, PARALLAX screens have been integrated, ideal in quieter areas and for specific uses.