Luxes illuminates the Sports Palace of Granada on the occasion of the Copa del Rey basketball 2022

For four days the city of Granada will host thousands of basketball fans, on the occasion of the celebration of the Copa del Rey, which will take place during the month of February.

Interior lighting of the monastery of Poblet
Lighting project – Palacio de Deportes, Granada 2022 (Copa del Rey)

The Copa del Rey arrives this year with force after its last edition without an audience. The championship, considered one of the biggest sporting events, faces clubs nationally and is widely recognized internationally.

This year the celebration will take place in the emblematic Sports Palace of the city of Granada that has been modernized for the occasion. The technical and functional lighting of the enclosure has been in the hands of LUXES. In order to adapt to the needs of the event, 120 light points have been installed with projectors of the Proton and Fission ranges.

For the lighting of sports courts such as basketball courts, the projectors of the Proton SP range are the ideal choice thanks to their high power and adjustable projection angle.

The new lighting installed offers a significant improvement in terms of visibility on the playing field, which optimizes the good development of the sports activities that take place in this enclosure of the Sports Palace.

Broadly speaking, this change brings:

  • Reduction of energy consumption; the installation of Proton luminaires with LED technology, supposes a great reduction in electricity consumption compared to the previous installation.
  • High power, no flickering; essential qualities for the retransmission of this type of professional sporting events that are televised live.
  • Anti-glare; for players it is vitally important that light does not produce reflections and negatively affects vision. This quality is also important to ensure a comfortable view of the spectators.

Client: Palacio de Deportes, Granada

Date: 02/2022

Installed product: Proton SP and Fission XS

Exterior lighting monastery of Poblet

For LUXES, it is a pride to be part of this type of event and to offer efficient LED lighting solutions for all sports areas.