Biokit is a private biotechnology company that is part of Werfen. It was founded in 1973 and is dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of reagents and clinical diagnostic systems. The mission of Biokit is to become the partner of choice as an Immunoassay Center of Excellence by providing innovative OEM solutions (products and services) to the main DIV companies. Biokit is among the main centers of excellence for the development of immunoassays and manufacturing in the industry. Our focus on technological advances ensures that our portfolio improves and evolves continuously. The innovative nature of Biokit is strengthened through close relationships with the most prestigious universities and biotechnology research centers around the world to offer the best quality and cutting-edge products. As experts in infectious disease serology, we offer a wide range of products that implement a variety of technologies, in particular, chemiluminescence.

When we talk about lighting in Biokit, it is important to incorporate the lamps, systems and lighting designs that adapt perfectly to each space, reinforce the overall image of the company, and be optimal in terms of work-related issues. will be made in each space from LUXES. These lamps offer an evolved lighting solution that combines efficiency, light quality, easy assembly with clean and minimalist designs. Their linear formats have a varied system of installation, anchoring and fixing, they provide innumerable possibilities of application and design. The substitution of the lamps within the linear systems has helped the pharmaceutical company to reduce the electric consumption, but not only that, the useful life of the lamp has been increased optimizing the resources and improving the efficiency

Details of the Project Biokit client. Date 10/09/2017 Product installed ZULIT AND ORION BETA

Luxes starts this project favoring the improvement of work spaces as well as the environment, the solution consisting of the use of LED technology, which provides relevant improvements when using lamps of much lower power and with a much longer life, with the consequent benefits due to the reduction of resources for lamp replacement activities.

With the Zulyt modular system we find different lighting angles for multiple applications. In this case, we use the “Flat” opening angle, since it is applicable to general lighting, such as airports, schools, offices, homes, etc. Because of its low URG it is ideal for work or study areas.

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