LUXES illuminates the BIMSA CALABRIA 66 building with LED technology

Calabria 66 is a space of the neighborhood and for the neighborhood where entities, groups and neighbors form a community space to create, offer projects and activities in the fields of education and culture to enrich and enhance the life of our neighborhood, its social fabric, betting on self-management and cooperation.

LUXES has replaced conventional building lighting with LED ceiling downlightsThe technology used by these luminaires allows them to reduce costs due to their great durability and to be enigmatically more sustainable.

Customer: Barcelona

Date: 20/05/2015

Installed product : NUBIA

Luxes has managed to save 70% of the cost of electricity consumption in all the building’s lighting, extending the life of the lighting and consequently saving on installation costs. But we cannot forget that these lights aremore responsible with the environment and reduce the negative impact.

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