The streets of Cabrera d’Anoia bet on solar technology

Cabrera d’Anoia is a municipality in the region of Anoia. which borders to the northwest with La Torre de Claramunt, to the north with Capellades, to the northeast with Vallbona d’Anoia and to the east with Piera.

To the south and west it borders the Alt Penedès region, with the municipalities of Torrelavit, Sant Pere de Riudebitlles and Mediona. During the Second Spanish Republic the municipality was called Cabrera del Penedès.

It includes the village of Canaletas, head of the municipality, the urbanisations of Castell and Can Ros, and the suburbs and hamlets of Agulladolç, Tonel, Can Feixes, CanHormiga, Can Fuster, Can Gallego, Can Piquer, la Guitza Nueva, la Guitza Vieja and Mas Castells.

To the north stands the old castle, which gives its name to the municipality, and its church of San Salvador.

The municipality of Cabrera d’Anoia has trusted LUXES to take a step towards technological innovation and light its streets, bridges, gardens, roads and houses with LED lighting.

Lanterns powered by solar energy panels, providing an energy efficiency responsible with the ecosystem and the environment but providing the necessary lighting to highlight the most special corners of the village.

Customer: Cabrera d’Anoia Town Hall

Date: 24/03/2019

Installed product: JUNO solar lanterns

Luxes has replaced the conventional lighting of the village of Cabrera d’Anoiaby LED lighting with solar panels, causing 70% more efficiency and energy savings. Promoting lighting conditions that improve illumination and vision on roads and streets as well as increasing pedestrian satisfaction by providing greater comfort and well-being.

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