CALDEA trusts LUXES to offer a colourful spectacle with projectors



The Caldea Thermoludic Centre, popularly known as Caldea, is a centre located in the parish of Escaldas-Engordany in the Principality of Andorra. It was created in 1994 as a thermoludic center that takes advantage of the properties of the natural thermal water that is to the population of Escaldas. The thermal sources of sulphurous and nitrogenous sulphurous waters emerge to the northeast of the fault that runs longitudinally across the plain of Andorra and which gave its name to the town.

When the night falls, Caldea illuminates Andorra la Vella with a spectacular display of lights with multiple colours that create expectation among those attendingand LUXEShas participated in this colorful party with LED projectors, but thanks to the technology used by these lights are able to prevent reflections at long and short distances that occur in the water allowing the vision and attention with total comfort.

Customer: Andorra la Vella

Date: 15/05/2016

Product installed: PARTYPROJECTORS

Luxes has managed to save 70% of the cost in electrical consumption of the facilities with its PARTY projectors, it has extended the life of the illumination and offers a great range of different colors. But we cannot forget that these lights aremore responsible with the environment and reduce the negative impact.

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