Hewlett Packard Enterprise lights up your offices

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is configured as one platform for all business units. Its mission is to provide the development and supply of services, being HP the leader in the main market segments in which it operates: servers, storage, network equipment, Cloud solutions and Information Technology services. In Spain it is made up of more than 300 professionals, distributed among the work centers of Madrid-Las Rozas, Barcelona-Sant Cugat, León, Valencia, Seville and Bilbao.


Luxes has developed the lighting study for its facilities, designing each luminaire to suit and meet the requirements of each of the spaces.

The offices have been illuminated, offices optimizing vision to ensure a good work environment, In the in therest areas dining room lamps have been incorporated where the protagonist has been the design and style that endow these areas, but without forgetting that they should facilitate comfort within these spaces, since they are areas to disconnect.

Client: Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Installed Product: ZULYT

One of the installations carried out in the offices of the Hewlett Packard building, with a revolutionary lighting system with lamps ZULYT has managed to improve the workspace by providing this area with natural LED lighting that has brought great benefits such as energy saving, optimization and time efficiency.