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CosmoCaixa Barcelona, ​​a science museum belonging to the Obra Social de “la Caixa” located in Barcelona, ​​was inaugurated in 2004, after the remodeling of its predecessor, the Barcelona Science Museum, which was inaugurated in 1981.

La Caixa owned another museum of the same name in Alcobendas (Madrid), called CosmoCaixa Madrid. This museum closed its doors on December 31, 2013.

In 2006, the European Museum Forum awarded him the European Museum of the Year Award, which recognizes new museums each year that have made progress and innovations in the museum field. The award-winning museum houses the statue of Henry Moore The Egg, which symbolizes the award, for one year. Together with the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (2000),

the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante (2004) and the Museum of Medina Azahara (2012), are the only four museums in Spain to have received the award.

LUXES is in charge of the Lighting remodeling in the museum that counts as a starting point the illumination and the efforts to design a balance between the environmental light and with the contrast of the shades allowing this way to create an atmosphere that facilitates the observation and vision of exhibitions and sculptures

Museum lighting It is of great importance, since it influences the environment, allowing the transmission of emotions and the stimulation of the senses, in addition to acting as a guide to the visitor, facilitating the path to travel so that no space goes unnoticed and all rooms can be visited and museum exhibits

Customer: CosmoCaixa

Date: 09/2010


The types of lighting that Luxes has used for CosmoCaixa are:

Accentuated Lighting:The accentuation draws attention to various types of works of art during the exhibition visit.

➡Targeted light: combining light and shadow:The walls in many museums already create soft contrasts between the background and the painting due to their colour.

Illumination of objects in a common space: this technique treats the objects as a whole within the same exhibition theme.

Diffuse without shadows: Everything is given equal importance. Lighting without contrasts or shadows.

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