Project Description

EADA, the School of Senior Management and Administration is a private academic institution of higher education located in Barcelona, ​​Spain and attached to the University of Vic since 2013. The EADA Business School Foundation bases its activity on training for managers and executives, the applied research, the transfer of knowledge and talent to the business world.

Before proposing or carrying out a LED lighting project in EADA, it is important to know what kind of activity will be developed in each space, how many workers there will be, the distribution and location of tables and furniture. The more information you have in advance, the better the result of lighting planning.

A lot of people spend a lot of their time working indoors, so lighting is very important. Light affects our senses, and therefore our state of mind, and our body.

Our well-being and our health depend to a large extent on the quality of the lighting in the space in which we spend many hours.

For the realization of this project the modular system of continuous light, ZULYT, was used. Of the family of recessed, surface and suspended luminaires of great versatility. It allows the installation of T5 fluorescents, LED modules, three-phase rails and individual light points. Its wide variety of diffusers, opening angles and lengths is ideal to form continuous lines of light in supermarkets, supermarkets, warehouses, meeting rooms, corridors, etc …

Made of extruded anodized aluminum in lengths of up to three meters and possibility of being cut to size. Available in white (RAL 9010) gray (RAL 9006) or black (RAL 9005). Simple Clip-On fixing system.

Project Details

Customer EADA
Date Septiembre 2017
Installed product Zulyt

Parabolic double diffuser made of bright aluminum, offers great visual comfort with low luminance.

With the Zulyt modular system we find different lighting angles for multiple applications. In this case, we use the “Flat” opening angle, since it is applicable to general lighting, such as airports, schools, offices, homes, etc. Due to its low URG it is ideal for work or study areas.

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