The Foc station of the Barcelona metro will be an interchange for lines 2 and 10. It is located on the Paseo de la Zona Franca, at the height of calle del Foc. The two entrances that the station has, are located on the Paseo de la Zona Franca.The station was opened to the public on September 8, 2018

Luxes has integrated a brilliant architecture and underground design, thanks to Quaoar a revolutionary lighting system based on Led technology.

Luxes integrates safety and comfort for travelers and for personnel working in underground infrastructures by improving lighting performance.

The protagonist has been anLED lighting system called QUAOAR, thanks to this revolutionary and innovative design Luxes has endowed the Foc station with beauty and energy efficiency that will allow energy consumption to be cut in half.

The modernization of the Quaoar metro station is one of the commitments and goals set by Luxes with the aim of improving the quality of service provided by the line to travelers, as well as improving their experience by replacing conventional lighting with technology LED.

With this initiative, FOC counts on Luxes to take a further step in its commitment to be pioneers in technology and energy efficiency, optimizing the use of resources, generating energy savings and avoiding the emission of polluting waste.

Project details

Clientstation Foc, Metro Barcelona
Date 10/01/2018
Installed productQUAOAR

Surface and pendant luminaires redefine the art of interior lighting, providing the desired style, efficiency and performance for lighting shops, underground surfaces, offices and hotels.

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