Lighting project at Gartner offices

Gartner Inc. is an information technology research and consulting company based in Stamford, Connecticut, United States, present in more than 100 countries.

It is considered one of the most important companies in the sector worldwide. Its main objective is to advise its clients towards the correct decisions based on the investigations of its team of experts and professionals.

Luxes has been in charge of the lighting project for its offices in Barcelona. Zulyt System linear luminaires have been installed in this project. equipped with an intelligent light intensity regulation system.

Thanks to this, the intensity varies depending on the contribution of sunlight from outside and the presence of users in the room where they are installed.

For this office project, a neutral color temperature has been used to avoid eye strain on the workers and improve the well-being of each one of them.

In our office projects, the priority is always to create a comfortable and functional space, focusing on the workers and the tasks and functions they have to perform, always achieving maximum energy efficiency.

Client: Gartner

Date: 08/07/2020

Installed product: Zulyt System

The protagonist of this project has been the ZULYT 55 luminaire, a component of this family of highly versatile recessed, surface and suspended luminaires. It allows the installation of LED modules, three-phase rails and individual light points, in addition its wide variety of diffusers, opening angles and lengths is ideal to form continuous lines of light.