The Associació de Golf Costa Daurada trusts LUXES luminaires for its new paddle tennis court

The Costa Daurada Destination Golf and Pitch & Putt Association is a non-profit association with the main purpose of promoting the Costa Daurada worldwide as a new Golf and Pitch & Putt destination.

In recent years this area has become one of the most attractive areas for the practice of P&P and golf. This has been promoted thanks to the construction of new fields that have proliferated throughout the territory. Its tours and services offer cutting-edge news in the world of golf and P&P. Another attraction that the Costa Daurada presents and that we must not forget is the mild temperatures that we enjoy throughout the year in this area and that are so desired by players who come from northern Europe.


Now a Padel sports court has been integrated within its extensions, knowing that the lighting should facilitate all aspects of the game, in terms of visibility it refers to both the players and the spectators.

This is where LUXES has made its lighting study to guarantee   that the field meets all the lighting requirements, from there they have installed the Proton projector, an LED spotlight capable of reaching 450w.

To achieve this objective, the Association has brought together the agents involved; That is, to all the Golf and P&P courses in the area and to the most important hotels and restaurants in order to export this destination to the world.

Client: Golf Costa Daurada

Date: 19/06/2018

Installed product: PROTON 

LED Spotlightshave been integrated to guarantee the play of the new Padel court, with the PROTON lighting improving the fields of vision, reducing the negative environmental impact and reducing maintenance and installation costs.