Hotel Mogador – Casablanca


At Hotel Mogador we use indoor lighting, for rooms, corridors, etc., and outdoor lighting for lighting the façade.

The LED lighting in different parts of the hotel creates a much more modern atmosphere and offers an elegant as well as simple design.

The Hotel Mogador is a five-star hotel with 176 rooms, a bar, restaurant, meeting rooms and several terraces, located in Casablanca (Morocco), 10 minutes by car from the Hassan II mosque and 6 minutes by car from the train station. Casa-Port train.

Led lighting for hotels reception

The hotel has numerous common areas that must always be switched on. In the case of corridors, we need an inexpensive, clear and discreet luminaire. For this reason, we opted for luminaires such as Downlights, which are recessed in the ceiling and offer high illumination for an area that does not normally have natural lighting.

The corridor is obviously a passage area, it is important to have highly functional, low-consumption lighting that is not excessive, but the first thing to do is comfortable for the customer. It is the entrance to the room, where several clients and room service personnel can meet.

LED lighting for hall or reception hotels and rooms

Room. The intimate space for everyone. The Hotel Mogador expects each client to feel at home in the room, and each client is totally different from the previous one.

Indirect lighting is a good option for hotel rooms, since it is intended to illuminatemining is not too dazzling. Something essential is to have several lighting options by zones, so that each customer can turn them on as they please.

LED room lighting

Cafe-restaurant. Relaxation or meeting area. It has to maintain the image line of the rest of the rooms, but in this one you can risk a little more and get it to be considered as an establishment apart from the hotel itself, in which those who are staying at the hotel but also who are just look for a nice place to have a drink. The play of lights can be like a conventional bar, depending on each hour of the day it can be given greater or lesser intensity. For this, the dimmable lights, the spectaculardesign of the lamps or the combination of several of them make the difference.


LED cafe and restaurant lighting

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