The lighting in the luxurious Nobu Hotel in Barcelona


In 1970 the Torre Catalunya was built, now it opens after its modeling under the Robert de Niro brand, Nobu, a chain of luxury hotels in Barcelona.

The hotel has 25 floors and 100 meters high, it has a total of 259 rooms of great comfort of which 40 are luxury suites, but not only that but you can enjoy an ostentatious spa, an ostentatious Japanese restaurant located on the roof with a 360-degree view of the city of Barcelona and decorated with large windows under the Japanese architectural philosophy, capacity to reserve private spaces and meeting areas.

The remodeling project has as a starting point the lighting and the efforts to design a balance between ambient light and the contrast of the shadows, thus allowing to create a minimalist atmosphere in the spaces and corners of the hotel, rooms, halls, corridors.

Lighting in hotelsis of great importance, since it influences the environment, improving the stay and consequently the guest experience. One of the critical points regarding the energy efficiency of the hotel establishment is to create environments in accordance with the values ​​and philosophy of the Nobu brand, seeking the magic of each space, creating warm and surprising spaces.

Client:Nobu Hotel

Date: 01/2020


Lighting 259 Japanese-style rooms by LUXES, in the photograph taken by diariodesign we can see the atmosphere in the sanitary spaces

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