Light emerges from the Johan Cruyff stadium

Today, football shines in a different light with the take-off of the Johan Cruyff Barça stadium which was inaugurated on 27 August. After years of hard work, renovation and construction, the football pitch is finally opening its doors.

LUXES has participated in its construction with interior lighting by installing LED profiles and LED lamps, with the aim of improving the comfort of the players with optimal visibility for the stages of rest, in addition to energy savings by making the lighting of its facilities more sustainable,

This new installation has been made in the interior infrastructures of the whole stadium, this lighting has allowed to improve the functionality of the area favoring the comfort of the players and visitors.

Top quality lamps emit ambient lightthatreduces human eye fatigueso it’s an advantage when we’re getting ready to go out on the field or when we return to the locker room tired after sacrificing for your team and your fans.

Customer : Johan Cruyff Stadium (Barça)

Date: 27/08/2019

Product installed:Zulyt

Luxes has integrated interior lighting inside the stadium with an ambient and decorative light that favours the stay during half-time when a game is over or the concentration before the start of a gameThe lights have been integrated into the changing rooms, rest areas, press room… In addition, savings of more than 80% of the cost of electricity consumption have been achieved for the entire lighting system.

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