KNEM Barcelona Offices

KNEM Barcelona Offices – Lighting Project

The old jute spinning factory of the Godó brothers was popularly known by the name of “El Cànem”. This factory, located in the Poble Nou district, is the scene of the KNEM rehabilitation project.

KNEM offers a large space for offices, as well as green spaces and common terraces, in the heart of Barcelona’s 22@ district.

Luxes has been in charge of the lighting project of the interior of the offices in order to guarantee the physical and mental well-being of the workers.
To create this pleasant working environment, ZULYT linear systems have been installed. This system allows to form continuous lines of light thanks to the wide variety of diffusers, opening angles and lengths.

The main objective of Luxes in this project is to help employees to face their working day more motivated and in a more productive way. For this, the sources of natural light and the distribution of the luminaires have been taken into account, so that eye fatigue and, on the other hand, excess light are avoided.

Zulyt System,apart from visual comfort, provides a very careful aesthetic. With its minimalist and linear design, it creates clean, spacious and elegant environments, without losing functionality.

The project has been carried out meeting all the requirements of the UNE -EN 126464-1, which meets the lighting requirements for indoor workplaces according to the needs of comfort and visual performance.

Client: KNEM

Date: 07/2021

Installed product: Zulyt System

The protagonist of this project has been the ZULYT family of luminaires, which consists of recessed, surface and suspended luminaires of great versatility. It allows the installation of LED modules, three-phase rails and individual light points, in addition its wide variety of diffusers, opening angles and lengths is ideal to form continuous lines of light.

This lighting system is available in tunable white and