La Foneria metro station, Barcelona


The Foneria metro station, in Barcelona, ​​sports a new lighting of elegant and pure design thanks to the Geminy luminaire, a revolutionary lighting system based on LED technology.


Many subway systems in the world are often associated with non-memorable spaces, dimly lit, monotonous and packed with agitated passengers, who barely stop to look at an advertisement or an architectural design on the platforms, while they wait for their train, leaning against gray walls. . We present a new system, the Geminy Luminaire.

LUXES collaborates in theVARIS ARQUITECTES project allowing to break with this topic by creating new luminaires for architecture and design in underground environments, thanks to Geminy, a revolutionary system based on LED technology.

Foneria is a Barcelona metro station where the L10 South line trains stop. This station is part of section 2 of the L9 / L10 that is located on the Paseo de la Zona Franca, between Calle de Fundición and Plaza de la Marina de Sants. It has 3 accesses to the free zone walk. The station opened its doors on September 8, 2018 along with the FOC station.

It is here where LUXES integrates safety and comfort for travelers and for personnel working in underground infrastructures by improving lighting performance.


Geminy luminaire, at the forefront of energy efficiency in Barcelona Metro stations













The protagonist has been the LED lighting system called Geminy, thanks to its revolutionary and innovative design, LUXES has endowed the Foneria station with beauty and great energy efficiency that will reduce the current electricity consumption of the station by half.

The modernization of the Foneria metro station is one of the commitments and goals set by LUXES and VARIS ARQUITECTES are to improve the quality of the service provided by the line to travelers, replacing conventional lighting with LED technology. In addition to its many ecological and energy advantages, this lighting considerably improves the experience of travelers, offering them great visual comfort.

With this change in lighting technology, which far exceeds previous filament, fluorescence and low consumption technologies, the useful life of the luminaires is much longer, which prolongs the replacement time of the same and therefore, dramatically reduce the waste generatedby the Metro Foneria by two thirds and the CO2 emission by more than 50% in terms of lighting.

With this initiative, Metro de Foneria counts on LUXES as an ally to take a further step in its commitment to be pioneers in optimizing available resources, improving its facilities and generating energy savings that avoid the emission of polluting waste.





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