Liberty Seguros illuminates its new offices

Liberty Seguros is a Spanish insurer created in 2001 belonging to Liberty Mutual. The group is made up of the Liberty, Geminy and Regal brands. The parent, Boston-based Liberty Mutual Group, is the third largest insurance group for goods and services in the United States.1and 75th in the ranking of the Fortune 500 list of the largest US companies. Liberty Seguros ranks 8th in Automobile insurance in Spain, and 10th in home

Liberty Seguros opens its new Llacuna offices in Barcelona and has relied on LUXES to illuminate the workspace with GAIA luminaires, led strips that provide spaces with comfort, convenience, improving the environment for its workers.

Client: Liberty Seguros

Date: 21/10/2018

Installed product: GAIA(LED strips and profiles)

Liberty Seguros offices now have more natural lighting thanks to the LED technology that makes up the range GAIA are LED strips with a thermal stabilizer that guarantees temperature and light uniformity, providing work areas with characteristics that improve operational efficiency.