The lighting that is revolutionizing the operating rooms of the hospital of Mataró by LUXES

The 11th operating room of the Mataró Hospital (Maresme) is a high-tech operating room with state-of-the-art equipment, such as new lighting by LUXES, telescopic surgical ceiling microscope, full HD monitors and recording services and integrated technical panel with 43″ screens, among other technological innovations.

This new facility makes it possible to improve the functionality of the surgical area and increase the number of operations in order to meet current needs. During 2018, more than 10,500 surgeries were performed and more than half of them were done without admission.

Highest quality. State-of-the-art equipment ensures the quality of patient care. As can be seen in the image, the lighting has been provided by LUXES where it has integrated one of the best lights to improve safety and visibility so that they can carry out activities that require attention for a longer time, thus reducing fatigue and stress, improving the effectiveness of doctors and providing greater peace of mind for patients.

Because the luminaires emit an ambient light that reduces the fatigue of the human eyeand therefore facilitates the work.

Customer: Hospital de Mataró

Date: 15/06/2019

Installed product: Clean room lighting

Luxes has managed to improve the visibility within the operating rooms with an environmental light that favors the daily activities making them more efficient, besides saving more than 80% of the cost in electrical consumption in all the lightingThis saves installation costs and therefore prolongs the life of the lighting.

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