Nevada Shopping Center, Granada

Exterior Nevada Shopping Center, Granada
In 2016 we installed our Proton luminaires for the inauguration of the Nevada Shopping Center in Granada, The quality of these projectors allows that, 6 years later, they work as the first day, satisfying all the lighting needs of the enclosure.

The manufacture of high quality LED luminaires for all varieties of spaces is one of our pillars. Luxes guarantees that all our products are made according to high manufacturing standards, complying with the corresponding European directives, essential to ensure the trust of the client and ours.

The Proton projectors installed outside the shopping center have a fundamental role in the parking area where orientation and safety are priorities. Both drivers and pedestrians must have good visibility to be able to enter and leave the area safely, avoiding accidents.

This family of projectors is able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The lighting of the outdoor car park complies with the photometric requirements of the lighting classes C1A and P2 established for this type of road.

Client: C.C Nevada Shopping, Granada

Date: 11/2016

Installed product: Proton

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6 years later the luminaires work at full capacity thanks to the high quality of their components and their IP66 degree of protection, which makes them completely hermetic against sand, moisture, dust, insects, dirt and saltpeter among others.