Padel indoor cubelles, </ strong> Lighting up on your new paddle tennis court </ h2>

Padel indoor cubelles , a Club where you can enjoy sports, attend classes with large professionals of Padel Academy, taste the delicacies of Gus and Virginia in Second Set, has spaces for pilates classes, to other incorporated within a martial arts school with karate classes and Kickboxing classes. </ p>

Luxes </ strong> has been commissioned to develop the lighting study and the lighting installation for the paddle court area, fulfilling the requirements related to the field of vision to make it easier for players to move on the field of play, but viewers who enjoy the game have not been left out, PROTON </ strong> a LED spotlight has been installed to improve the vision of the spectators and the game strategies for the players. </ p>

Client: Indoor Cubelles Paddle </ strong> </ p>

Date: </ strong> 06/05/2018 </ p>

Installed product: </ strong> PROTON </ p>

PROTON </ strong> designed for applications in extreme environmental situations, where environmental conditions require a maximum level of durability and security. </ p>

The projector has the best efficiency ratio and market cost, which allows the customer to obtain a quick return on their investment in energy savings and maintenance. Made of high quality aluminum body and IP65 degree of protection that guarantees a great performance even in dusty and humid environments. </ P>