EDIFICIO PLANETA Barcelona building project:
New concept that reinvents ambient lighting

The Edificio Planeta located on Avenida Diagonal in the city of Barcelona has one of the most recognized and emblematic facades of the city, with its 3.8 kilometers of gardening is considered the first vertical garden in Europe.

The building was designed by the architects Josep Maria Fargas and Enric Tous. It consists of 3 octagonal modules of 9 joined floors that form a triangle, and another lower octagonal module of 3 floors.

Luxes has been in charge of carrying out the lighting project of the interior of the emblematic building, with the aim of bringing personality to the interior, playing with the forms and creating a more current, renovated and sustainable building without losing the essence of the building.


To create this effect, the Geminy luminaire has been used combining its versions of 1.2 and 3 meters in diameter, together with the Outward profiles and the Gaia LED strips of indirect lighting.

With the circular luminaires, a continuous light effect is sought that brings beauty with a touch of simplicity and imagination. Apart from the aesthetic functions of this luminaire, a balance between functionality and energy savings is achieved thanks to LED technology.

To add a touch of versatility to the lighting design, indirect light has been used. This type of light is one that does not fall directly on the space to be illuminated and in this case its function is to create an ambient or global lighting.

Client: Planeta Barcelona Building

Date: 09/2021

Installed product: Geminy

From the CORVUS SYSTEM range, the GEMINY luminaire is born. It is a suspended circular LED ceiling. This product has allowed LUXES to play with its different sizes and diameters to create an impressive result in the design of the building, as well as different lighting effects.