Control room lighting for the Es Murterar power plant

The Es Murterar Thermal Power Station is located in the municipality of Alcudia, specifically in Palma de Mallorca. The plant is characterized by its four steam groups that burn coal, and two gas turbine groups that use diesel fuel.

The first coal group, with 125 MW of power, came into operation in 1980. The second group, also with 125 MW of power, was connected to the grid in 1981. In 1997, two new coal groups, with 130 MW of power, were put into operation.

The plant’s two gas turbine groups went into production in 1989. They have a power of 37.5 MW each. The plant has obtained from AENOR the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate, which certifies that its activities are carried out through an effective Environmental Management System. LUXES has been responsible for the lighting of the control rooms of the plant, they have been carefully studied and every detail has been taken into account to ensure safety.

Customer: Es Murterar Power Plant


Product: Pluton


Lightingby LUXES was installed in the control rooms of the plant and in the areas fitted out for the activities. It is an ideal lighting to facilitate the exercise of the operators and to guarantee the security, the Pluton luminaires produce a much more sustainable lighting, a high performance and a low cost.

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