Procter & Gamble replaces 75 LED high bays with the collaboration of LUXES

The location of Procter & Gamble Mataro Slu is located in the Poligono Industrial el Rengle I, 08302 Mataró, Barcelona

It is 20 years old. It was built on 06/30/1999 with the corporate purpose of producing, manufacturing, buying, selling, importing, exporting, storing products for the industry and for the consumption of the general public.

Its activity consists in the production of bleaches. detergents and cleaning products. Manufacture of articles of paper and cardboard for domestic, sanitary and hygienic use.

Inside of industrial lighting Procter & Gamble has entrusted the designs, quality and efficiency of the lighting products LUXES, in this case they have been replaced throughout the industrial plant 75 conventional high bays with mercury vapor consuming a total of 400 W for 75 LED high bays consuming 200 W.

Client: Procter & Gamble


Installed product:LED high bay

The new LED high bays that have been installed in all the production rooms of the P&G industrial plant have achieved several benefits for the brand,the average illumination has been increased from 80 lux to 335 lux and there has been an energy saving of 55% .