Sustainable lighting for the Riudecanyes Reservoir

The Riudecañas reservoir is a dam located in Tarragona, within the municipality of Riudecañas. It is built with a height from the base of about 40 meters and a length of 1500 meters its extension ends at the Moli de Siurana, where the Argentera ravine begins.

The Ruidecañas stream is born in the same marsh, where a dozen ravines converge, and takes that name after the dam.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Riudecanyes Town Council and several private individuals created the Riudecañas Reservoir Irrigation Community, with the intention of building a dam to supply water to the city and the surrounding countryside.

The Riudecañas Irrigation Community continues to be the owner of the reservoir, which currently receives water, in addition to the Riudecañas stream itself, from the hydrographic system of the Siurana reservoir.

LUXES is in charge of the lighting of the reservoir and has used LED lighting lanterns that provide high visibility and environmental sustainability, as we are in a natural environment. Therefore, when the lighting studies were carried out, these details were carefully taken into account in order to avoid excessive lighting and facilitate visibility for operators, farmers and those who work near the banks of the reservoir.

Customer: Riudecanyes (REUS)

Date: 12/2014

Product: Taury



Lightingby LUXES, has been carried out in the dam and operational areas where work activities are carried out. It is an ideal lighting to respect the natural environments, the fauna and suppose a minimum cost for the town of Riudecanyes.

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